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Myliobatis californicus

We saw this bat ray when we were walking around Lake Merritt last week and asked ourselves the questions that Steven E. F. Brown answers here.

Steven E. F. Brown

Kieran and I examined a dead Bat Ray (Myliobatis californicus) on the south shore of Lake Merritt last week. Bat Rays are a type of stingray that live in shallow coastal waters, bays and estuaries. We’ve heard from the park rangers that several pairs of Bat Rays live in Lake Merritt, which is technically not a lake, but rather a mixed salt and fresh water estuary. It’s too bad that our first sight of such a magnificent creature had to be a decomposing corpse. But seeing a dead Bat Ray’s better than no Bat Ray at all!

Unlike the other people walking along the lake shore, we didn’t just stand and stare and take a few smartphone photographs. Kieran and I got on our plastic dishwashing gloves and got down in the shallow water to flip the creature over and study it carefully. Though the tail had been partly amputated…

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